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Your all in one trading journal to help you track, analyze and improve.

WHAT IS Ivestmarket?

More Than a Trading Journal

Gain deeper insights into where you’re messing up, learn how to drive sustainable profits, and get reports to focus on strategies that work.

Find your winning edge in Ivestmarket

Focus on the right stats

Analyze your trading from a first glance to being able to take a deeper look at whats working and what isn't.

Trading Journal

Understand if you're risking too much on your trade, how you're performing for the month, what bad patterns you keep repeating, and more.

In Depth Trade Analytics

Get a clear picture of where winning trade opportunities lie. Track each trade with the right metrics.

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Optimize performance with ease

Explore all possibilities that level up your profitability. See what statistically works so you can make data driven decisions and trade with confidence.

Trade Feedback

Giving away profits too soon? Trading with hesitation? Are you risking more than you can afford to lose? Understand exactly whats holding you back with Ivestmarket feedback,

Drilled Down Reporting

What's your worst trading day? Which mistake is causing the most losses? Are you losing too much money on poor risk management? Your reports hold all the answers.

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Fine-tune your strategy

With all the right resources, you can discover the weaknesses in your strategy to build a stronger trading system.

Replay Trades

Synced with your trading data, you can replay your trades within Ivestmarket to understand where you went right or wrong.

Advanced Trade Tracking

Visually navigate through your entry and exit trading points, track your setups and mistakes, jot down notes for each trade, and more advanced tracking.

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Easy and accurate trade tracking

In depth analytics of each trade. From entries and exits, to risk management, setups, and more.

Personalized Journal

Powerful journaling that allows you to take notes, tag trades, and understand how you are performing overall.

Drilled Down Reporting

Reports to help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Discover whats working and what's not to implement into your strategy.

Replay your trades within Ivestmarket

Replay your trades second by second using the new market replay simulator. Understand your strengths and weaknesses from the trade to find the flaws in your execution.

Level up your learning

All of the educational material to sharpen your skills and discover what matters most to your trading techniques.

Start focusing on what works for you

Stop trading with hesitation

Allow Ivestmarket to trade for you and save you from the red days.

Recover from the red market

Recover all your losses with Ivestmarket.

Scale up your trading fast.

Depending on what you need to improve, different features will help you get there.

Understand your best trade setup

Sticking to strategy that work for you is the key to building a consistent system. Ivestmarket strategies work perfectly.

Discover your best or worst days

Are you typically giving away your profits and capital share’s investment on red days? Use Ivestmarket today and start earning a minimum of 2% and more profits commission daily and start saving your green days.

Improve your risk management

No more excessive red days. Use Ivestmarket strategies to minimize your risk and save your Green Day’s.

Thousands of traders have achieved their goals with the power of Ivestmarket

The #1 trading software on the planet

The #1 trading software on the planet! I love everything about Ivestmarket, and I’ve become a much better trader since I started using Ivestmarket consistently. I’m able to review my trades much better and can see everything clearly.

Anaselrahman Abdu • US

Ivestmarket is the best tool for Journaling

Since I began journaling on it, I've been able to see where my most common mistakes are and how I can actionably start improving. The platform is so easy to use and straight forward in providing the analytics you need in order to improve your trading. It's literally the best tool for traders to use.

Nouman • Spain

Frequently Asked Qustions

Does Ivestmarket trade for me?

Yes. Ivestmarket trade for registered users.

How will Ivestmarket help me as a trader?

Ivestmarket helps traders to execute their trades and keep track of their trading by minimizing human potential mistakes and risk management .

How secure is Ivestmarket?

Data is important to us. And that's why we want to make it known that you own your data. Ivestmarket does not sell or advertise your data, and we are 100% secure.

How long does it take to gain access to Ivestmarket?

You can gain access right away! You can click here to view our full integrations page.